Tim Tebow Facts

It’s probably not likely to find someone who doesn’t know who Tim Tebow is. For example, you’ve probably seen someone do that silly trend called “Tebowing”, where you get down on one knee wherever you are and rest your chin on your fist. Or something like that. It’s right along the same lines as “planking” and “coning”, and if you don’t know what those are than you should probably look them up.

Tim Tebow Facts

Some people are just crazy about Tim Tebow, and know all sorts of random Tim Tebow facts. These people will be please to know about www.timtebowfacts.com, which is full of…you guessed it, Tim Tebow facts!

Personally, I knew that Tim Tebow was a football player (don’t ask me for which teams), and I knew that he got a lot of backlash for publicly displaying his religious beliefs. That was about it, until I went to timtebowfacts.com and learned something new. Did you know that Tim’s (can I call you Tim?) middle name is Richard? He was the first college sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy.

He was born in the Philippines while his parents were there as missionaries. He is the youngest of five children. Although he was homeschooled, he began playing football at one of the local high schools. He played for the Gators at University of Florida while he attended there. He became the only three-time recipient of the Gator’s most valuable player award (which his fellow teammates voted on). He has been the first quarterback to be featured on ESPN’s “Year of the Quarterback” series. Clearly, Tebow knows the game.

Www.timtebowfacts.com has made it easier than ever to learn about Mr. Tebow, and maybe it seems a little silly but you won’t think so when you are kicking butt at sports trivia with all of your new Tim Tebow facts.